News - June 7, 2016

Students move into Campus Plaza (video)

Linda van der Nat,Vincent Koperdraat

Monday 85 students received the key of their new room in Campus Plaza. Especially new freshmen, but also older students who prefer to have their own kitchen and bathroom, move into the new building.

Food Technology student Thomas Nissink received his key. Photos: Remo Wormmeester

Thomas Nissink, first year Food Technology student, is standing in line with his parents to pick up the key. He had been living at home during the past year, but now he thought it was time to live by himself. ‘I am quite involved in my study association Nicolas Appert. When there were activities in the evenings I had to arrange a place to sleep or drive home by car. I also had to skip a couple of activities.’

It was not a conscious choice to live on campus. ‘I already thought it was time to find a student room when this came along. It is incidental that this is also on campus.’ Nissink is not afraid to get stuck on campus. ‘Wageningen is nice and small, you can easily go to the city centre.’ He will move on Saturday, but he already placed a mattress in his room on the third floor. ‘This week there is another activity of Nicolas Appert.’

Straight to work


Also Bodil Kemme (left) is standing in line, together with her friend. They will go straight to work; the two carry paint and cleaning materials. She needs to leave her room at the Market by the first of July. ‘In September I will start a nurse study in Nijmegen, but it is difficult or expensive to find nice rooms there. I come from Rhenen and I still have many friends living here. In Nijmegen I do not know anybody, so for now I think it is much nicer to have a room here.’

Nicer and broader


On the top floor Roman van Mil and Vivian van der Nat take a look in their new rooms. It is a lot nicer and broader than our current rooms in Ede, Van Mil notes satisfied. His room has a view on the parking lot. ‘A garden will be placed in front, so I will also have a bit of green in sight,’ said the first year Biology student. ‘I am here quite often, for group work, lectures, self-study. I think that it is ideal to live so close to the campus, and great that I do not have to share my kitchen and bathroom with others.’



The room of Vivian van der Nat from The Hague has a view on Bornsesteeg. She is still waiting for the results of her high school final exam, but she does dare to already accept a room. After the summer she will start her bachelor in Animal Sciences; she can almost see Zodiac from her window. ‘I really wanted to live on this side and on the top floor, so that I am not disturbed by neighbours above me and in the afternoon I have the sun in my room.’ But also her third wish was granted by DUWO: ‘My niece, who will study Communication Sciences, has the room next to me.’ She can already imagine it: eat together, going out together. As soon as the AID starts, the two want to be living here.

Curious what the Campus Plaza looks from the inside, how large the rooms are, and which other students are going to live there? Watch the video here (Dutch video).

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