News - September 19, 2017

Students: lock your doors and windows

Roelof Kleis

‘Students, lock your doors and windows’, says Sita Hes, the new safety adviser for the municipality. There was another case at Droevendaal recently: bye-bye expensive MacBook.

'Your door or window was open, but you weren't here. A burglar could have struck!' © Idealis

The burglaries took place two weeks ago in two of the ‘barracks’ at Droevendaal. Both accounts were technically breaking and entering, explains Hes, even though no physical damage had been done. ‘In this case, the entering was done without physical breaking. This means that either the window or door were unlocked. One of the two burglaries took place during a party, and the door was simply left open.’ The thieves took several laptops and wallets.

Together with Idealis, Hes would like to remind students to lock their quarters. Hes: ‘Make sure your door is locked. Do not make the burglars’ work easier. Burglary also takes away your feeling of safety and causes sorrow. Someone was in your house or room and pried through your stuff.’ According to Hes, the number of burglaries in Wageningen has decreased in the last few years. ‘But it still happens.’

Idealis will be campaigning against burglary this spring. Rooms or houses that will be found to have an open door or window will receive a flyer with information on burglary prevention.