News - August 16, 2012

Students can graduate any day of the year

Procedure has been made more flexible. Beneficial for slow-to-graduate students.

From this academic year, students whose course list has been approved can graduate any day of the year. The university has adapted procedures and the software to go with them so that students can graduate as soon as their last results have been processed.
'Up to now, students could graduate once a month', says Jos Kroonenburg of the Student Service Centre. 'To do so they had to register within a certain period and then we checked whether they had indeed completed all the courses, and if there was something unfinished we enquired as to why that was. Now we don't have to go through all those hoops any more. From now on the system will see which students have passed all their courses. They will get an email asking them: "Maybe you'd like to graduate?"'
This new system will benefit students facing a fine for taking too long over their degrees - although that was not the reason for introducing it, says Kroonenburg. 'We've been working on the link between the course list and the overview of results for a year and a half already. Other universities have been doing it like this for some time; in that sense we were the exception. Now we are reasonably in line with the rest.'
The degree ceremonies will continue to follow a fixed schedule: they will be held twice a year for Bachelor's students and five times a year for Master's students.