News - October 6, 2015

Student opens a living room for all Wageningen residents

Linda van der Nat

‘Unbeatable.’ That is how Tütke Yuksel, student in International Development studies, describes the opening of THUIS (home), the common living room in the centre of Wageningen. The student wanted to create a place where students, local Wageningen residents, internationals, young and old could meet up.

Photo: Sven Menschel

Saturday the 3rd of October was the official opening and the day went exactly as Tütke (left on the photo) and co-initiator Elsje van de Weg had planned. ‘Everyone was chatting, playing games or eating together. We have already heard from some people that met each other at THUIS and have arranged to undertake something together this week. Everyone contributed. Some people brought food, others drinks and others were helping with the dishes.’

Around 300 people visited the opening of THUIS. Diverse bands performed and a magician came. In the coming periods Tütke wants to try to get the people to come back by playing in on their needs. ‘Yesterday we cooked and ate together with uncle Henk and a family from Wageningen. We have a lot of free space and we are organizing a few small activities. We will continue trying and sharing different ideas.

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