News - October 18, 2007

Student exchange with Illinois

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign and Wageningen University have signed an agreement for a PhD student exchange. The American initiator, Professor of Animal Sciences Michael Grossman, hopes that two or three PhD candidates a year will benefit from this ‘next step in the wonderful marriage we have’.

Grossmann is a pioneer in the Wageningen-Illinois relationship. He came to Wageningen for a sabbatical in 1986, together with his wife Margaret, a researcher in agrarian law. Grossman
has been a regular visitor since 1993, when he started teaching the popular PhD course ‘Writing and Presenting a Scientific Paper’, first for WIAS (Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences), and later for all graduate schools in Wageningen. Grossman: ‘I am a strong believer in international exchange in science. I hope the new agreement will pave the way for even better collaboration between our institutes.’

WIAS-chairman Professor Johan van Arendonk took the opportunity to present Grossman with the first WIAS Honorary Fellowship ‘in appreciation of his great contribution for the benefit of our PhD students’.