News - December 13, 2011

Sterksel farm welcomes 10,000th visitor

Pig farmers are showing a keen interest in the innovative pigpen on display at Sterksel experimental farm. Last week Wageningen UR's Pig Innovation Centre welcomed its 10,000th visitor in 2011.

Sterksel had a lot of visitors during the ‘open innovation days’ in June.
The animal-friendly accommodation for farrowing sows is popular with visitors, says Anne-Marie Bussel of the innovation centre at Sterksel. Many visitors also take a look at the pigs' toilet and the mini biogas installation, while pig farmers come to find out about the animal-friendly pen system which delivers a higher price per kilo of meat.
Most of the visitors are pig farmers, says Van Bussel, but government representatives and people from the business world also come along to see how far developments have gone in the areas of animal welfare, energy, antibiotics use and added value for consumers. Students from applied science universities and vocational colleges also come to follow classes and do internships. 'This week we still had 240 students from the HAS university in Den Bosch. They studied pig behaviour,' says Van Bussel.