News - May 29, 2008

Stair race

Start slowly. Find your rhythm. Take two stairs at a time. Use the handrail. Don’t look at the floor number: all good advice on how to run up the sixteen floors of the Asserpark student flat in the fastest time.

The Wageningen student stair climbing championship was held on Thursday 22 May: 265 stairs in total. Speakers on the first floor provided good music for climbing to, and on some floors spectators shared in the competitors’ suffering from the comfort of a sofa. Apart from that, it was a questioning of focusing on getting to the top. But no one could escape punishment: somewhere after the tenth floor your legs start to give up. WU student Loet Rammelsberg gritted his teeth the longest, and was the fastest man to reach the top, in 1 minute and 13 seconds. Elimeleck Parmena’s jeans clung to his thighs with sweat as he approached the finish. ‘It was tiring, but fun,’ said the Tanzanian student at Van Hall Larenstein Wageningen. The pub tigers from Annies were faster in the relay than the other Asserpark teams, but then there was cake and a bottle of strong beer waiting for the winners.