News - June 30, 2020

SSR-W wants to stay on good terms with neighbours

Luuk Zegers

The student society SSR-W has drawn up a covenant with its neighbours containing agreements on not disturbing the peace.

The signing of the covenant. © SSR-W

The document was signed at the society’s premises on the Generaal Foulkesweg in the presence of the Mayor of Wageningen, Geert van Rumund.

With its 700 members, SSR-W is one of Wageningen’s biggest student societies. ‘Of course, there will always be a certain amount of noise coming from the clubhouse,’ says chair Jimmy Wieten. ‘But we now have agreements on both communication channels and how to deal with disturbing levels of noise, both to minimize them and to prevent them.’

The covenant is the result of four years of consultations with local residents. Wieten: ‘Several boards have worked hard on this. On the advice of the municipal council, the agreements have been recorded in writing. This covenant was drawn up with the help of a mediator.’

Activity or peace
SSR-W’s neighbours sometimes have different priorities to the society’s, explains Wieten. ‘Whereas the student society wants to offer its members facilities and activities, those living around us want peace and quiet.’ The document is intended to provide some continuity in the communication between SSR-W and its neighbours. The society has a new board every year, so permanent protocols have been drawn up for the board.

The covenant was signed – at one and a half metres’ distance – at the SSR-W clubhouse. The occasion was celebrated with coffee and cake in the sunshine. The signing was originally planned for April but was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.