Student - March 23, 2017


Spiders are nature’s cleaners. Swiss scientists at the University of Basle have estimated how much spiders eat: between 400 and 800 millions tons per year. Is that a lot? Judge for yourself. The entire human race eats 400 million tons of meat and fish per year. So the world’s spiders eat more meat between them than humans do.

Sex and work

Sex is good for your work, suggests a study by the University of Oregon. Employees who have had sex during their time off perform better at work. They are tidier, more committed and more satisfied with their jobs. The effect continues for up to 24 hours after intercourse and applies to both men and women. The study has nothing to say about sex during working hours.


Broccoli helps prevent prostate cancer. Researchers from Oregon State University think this is due to sulforaphane. This substance in broccoli regulates the formation of noncoding RNA, which was once considered a kind of ‘junk DNA’: genetic material with no function. Wrong. Everything in nature has a function. Even broccoli. Unfortunately.


The shape of a nose depends on climate. Broad, flat noses developed in hot, humid climates; long, narrow noses in cold and moderate climates. So say researchers at Pensylvania State University. Noses warm up the air, and long narrow noses do that best, shows their study. They also mention that sexual selection may have played a role.