News - May 22, 2008

Slippery fun at Battle of the Studies

Rain and thunder almost ruined the first ever Battle of the Studies. Happily, the thunder soon moved on, and the teams of study mates from Wageningen University were able to get down to business, on Wednesday evening 14 May at De Bongerd university sports centre.

Marijke of the Chicks zonder Sjoerd team.
Organisers Thymos had put together a challenging mixture of games, including Skippy ball, tug-of-war, volleyball, riding a scooter, and two slippery main acts: a life-size shuffleboard game, and climbing up a soapy slope. The soap mountain was the favourite part of the evening for Barnay, a Land and Water Management master’s student. The rain didn’t bother him at all: ‘We have beer and it’s good fun.’

Clement, a French student doing Irrigation, was more excited by the thought of the hot shower after the battle. ‘It kept my spirit up,’ he grinned. The Irrigation students had got three teams together. ‘We all arrived three months ago. When you don’t know anybody, you need to get yourself some kind of family. We do lots of things together,’ said Clement. The main question after the games was therefore where to go to for a beer.

To his surprise, Clement’s team ended up in a respectable third place. The winner was one of the two teams from the Heeren XVII Agrotechnology study association. And so the first edition of the Battle of the Studies, where most studies were represented, ended up being a victory of brute male power. The winners were generous enough to share the big apple crumble flan with the losers, discussing where they went wrong. The Animal Sciences students, the most prominent absentees, missed a great battle.