News - February 3, 2012

Skating races down by the Rhine

Calling all skaters! Student skating clubs IJzersterk and STW Wageningen are organizing open-air races on the water meadows of the Rhine on Sunday.

The decision is made: the ice is strong enough. 'Ice master' Tim Super measured 7.5 centimetres of ice on Thursday. 'Today it was already 9.5 centimetres and we've got two more nights of frost to go.'
Enough ice for some races, then. Organized jointly by the two Wageningen skating clubs for the first time: Sunday afternoon at 14.00 hours.
Ice sweeper
Super is a board member and self-appointed ice master at the IJzersterk student skating club. The club was formed three years ago as an offshoot of the STW club. There are now 35 members and the club is going from strength to strength. Last year, for the first time, an open-air race was organized, but that was done unilaterally, so it was purely a student race. This year the two clubs are joining forces. If only because STW is in possession of an ice sweeper, which is indispensable.
The races on Sunday will be held on the inlet in the water meadows of the Rhine in Wageningen, starting from the bridge. There will be a 160 metre race for men and a 110 metre race for women. The first round will be judged by time, and the fastest 32 men and 32 women will proceed to the knock-out rounds.  Four rounds will lead to a battle for the title between two finalists. Super: So the winner will have taken part in a total of six races. That is quite heavy going.' But think of the reward: eternal fame and a fat envelope.