News - November 18, 2010

Silence surrounding VHL reorganization is causing unrest

There has been no news since February concerning the rationalization that was announced then for VHL. All should become clear in the next few weeks.

In February, the VHL directors announced that forty jobs would have to go in order to give the organization more financial room for manoeuvre. Things have been silent since then.
Up to now, staff have heard virtually nothing more about the reorganization plans. 'The uncertainty is causing unrest among the Applied University staff. The situation should be clarified so that people know where they stand', says Klaske Klaver, who works in the Education Office and is a member of the Employees' Council (MR).
'It has indeed taken far too long. The directors regret this', says Rien Komen, the operations director, in response. More information will be provided about the reorganization plans over the next few weeks. Information meetings will be held on 18 and 19 November for Training & Consultancy (T&C) staff in Velp and Leeuwarden, where eleven jobs are due to go according to the original plans.
Twenty jobs were due to go in the support services. Komen: 'That job cuts target is already part of the way to being realized because of natural wastage. In addition, we want to use organizational development to see whether people are still in the right job.' The directors are due to discuss this soon with the Employees' Council.
Originally, nine members of the teaching staff were surplus to requirements but natural wastage means that no teaching staff need to be laid off any more.