News - September 23, 2010

‘Show that science is cool’

Who? David Lentink
What? Researcher and university lecturer in Experimental Zoology.
Where? Experimental Zoology Group in Zodiac
Why? He and his team are competing for the Annual Academic Prize 2010 with the Flight Artists project (, in Dutch only)

How are you hoping to win the prize of 100,000 euros?
'We are inviting everyone in the Netherlands to join us in taking high-speed film of animals and seeds in flight in nature. Such images are not yet available, also we want to use this project to show people science is cool. We talk more about it in our promotion clip.'
What can we see in the clip?
'Fantastic high-speed images of birds and insects in flight that we made as an example, using the best high-speed camera available at this time. This camera records 7,500 frames a second, which allows you to see spectacular flight behaviour that takes place too rapidly for the human eye - from battling hoverflies to mating common swifts.'
Are you going to win?
'Yes, at least we will if everyone votes for our clip.'
When is the final and when do you know if you've won?
'We will be battling for victory in Leiden on 27 October.'
Go to (in Dutch only) to vote for the clip.