News - August 20, 2012

Shadow, water and theatre

The Annual Introduction Days 2012 are breaking records fast. Not only does this event have the highest number of participants, it will probably be the hottest AID ever.

Rare birds (Struzzi) parade through the city centre.
Here and there in the Wageningen city centre on Saturday afternoon, youths with yellow bags can be found sitting or lying down in groups. A long night followed by a scorching day has taken its toll. Where there is shadow, there are people. The AID organizers have strongly advised people to stay out of the sun. And don't forget to drink enough water. The first year students have just spent an afternoon nosing around student societies. Taking photographs, pushing cars, transporting sponges. Luckily for them, the sponges are wet ones. Water water everywhere. The warmest day ever this year is followed by a sultry Wageningen summer evening. A great setting for the more than twenty street theatre acts in the offing. Clowns, acrobats, magicians, musicians. A young woman wanders through the streets walking on a giant globe. A man, wallpapered with carefully tuned tooters, plays about almost every imaginable tune there is with his body. A young magician entertains the public with card tricks. A blindfolded man flawlessly names any object provided by the public. Telepathy? No way. That's some clever trickery then. But how does he do that?