News - November 5, 2010

‘Service forced on’ VHL costs more

VHL’s expenditure on ICT services has increased by 1.4 million euros. The employees’ council is protesting.

The annual expenditure of Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) on ICT has risen by 1.4 million euros since 2008. That was the year in which a controversial reorganization took place. This led to the internal ICT departments at the University of Applied Sciences being disbanded and the service being outsourced to Wageningen UR. The VHL directors said costs would remain the same while they would get a better network. But the financial statements now show that VHL's costs are higher than before the reorganization when it had its own ICT services.
This week, the joint employees' council will send a letter on the subject to the Executive Board. 'It is distressing that the applied university has to pay so much more for a service that was forced on it', says chairman Hans Bezuijen. He argues that VHL is the least wealthy of the three Wageningen UR divisions. 'Government funding per student is much higher for the University than it is for the University of Applied Sciences.'
The employees' council is also unhappy with the high accommodation costs for VHL's limited premises in Wageningen. Bezuijen: 'The costs are disproportionate when you consider the number of students.' In the letter, the employees' council will remind the Executive Board of the agreements made in the VHL merger talks last summer. 'One of those agreements was that we would no longer have services forced upon us.'