News - June 6, 2019

Second she-wolf on the Veluwe

Roelof Kleis

A second she-wolf has moved onto the Veluwe, shows Wageningen research on wolf droppings.

© Hugh Jansman


The wolf has been given the code name GW 960f. At the end of February, she had been in the country for six months. Officially, that counts as settling here. The she-wolf was preceded by Female GW998f in January.

There were a total of six wolves in the Netherlands between February and May. A new find was wolf droppings in the Meerssen area of Limburg. It is not clear which animal this was, as the genetic material was not good enough to make identification possible.

At the end of January, Male GW893m was observed for the first time in the territory of Female GW998f on the northern Veluwe. At the end of April the pair were captured together for the first time by a camera trap. The researchers do not rule out the possibility that there are cubs by now.

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