News - November 11, 2010

Sanne van Paassen has to settle for silver

I felt that I could make it', relates field biker Sanne van Paassen. A mistake during gear changing caused the European title to be snatched from under her nose.

Sanne van Paassen (centre)
It was a head-to-head race in the last lap between Van Paassen and the Dutch champion Daphny van den Brand. Halfway during a long flight of stairs, things went astray. 'We sprinted towards the stairs but I had forgotten in my haste to change gears before I dismounted. When I reached the top and needed to mount again, it was difficult to get a move on.' Her rival took immediate advantage of this and Van Paassen could not catch up anymore. 'I'm really annoyed', says Van Paassen, who has to settle for silver.
World cup
It wouldn't have been surprising at all if Van Paassen had clinched the EC title. This Master's student in Management Economics and Consumer Studies had already booked three victories in the first competitions of this season, and kept her place on the podium except for one fourth position. Furthermore, Van Paassen also led in the world cup standing and the Gazet van Antwerpen newspaper. 
Own team
'I guess I have taken yet another step', Van Paassen says. This is because she put together her own team in summer. 'I have a group of people around me whom I like to work with, and they are good. Good guidance is very important.'
World Championships
The Cyclo-cross European Championships took place on Sunday 7 November in Frankfurt am Main. Van Paassen is now setting her sights on the world championships which will be held at the end of January 2011.