News - November 17, 2011

Resource ‘best journalism in higher education'

Resource has won the Gouden Luis in de Pels 2011, an award for the best ‘gadfly' journalism in Dutch higher education at present.

‘Everyone who holds a copy of Resource in their hands can see that its creators love their job', said jury chair Dolf Rogmans (editor-in-chief of the journalists' magazine VillaMedia) said in praise of the Resource editorial team. ‘Resource exudes everything Wageningen UR stands for', Rogmans went on. ‘The love of science and its role in the world pervade the magazine. Resource has a clear magazine formula which is consistently followed.'
Editor-in-chief Gaby van Caulil calls the prize ‘a nice pat on the back' and a bit of moral support.
The ‘Golden Gadfly' prize was established in 2008 by the joint board of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to highlight the importance of good independent journalistic reporting in applied sciences universities and universities. In the ‘best production' category, Resource was nominated for the Typical Dutch series. But this prize went to the Rotterdam magazine EM.
The nominations for the various prizes are made by a student jury. A jury of professionals then decide on the winners. Besides Rogmans in the chair, on this year's jury were Sebastiaan Hamelers (chair Intercity Student Council) and Pieter Gerrit Kroeger (ScienceGuide).