News - January 5, 2011

Reading Dutch Can Make You Happy

Bonne année!!!

I spent the Christmas holiday with my friend in France. It was a nice journey: making new friends, seeing exotic scenery (compared with Dutch buildings), eating French typical cuisine, etc. Nothing more I could ask for! The only shame was that my trip to the beautiful Paris and Strasbourg was alone since my friend Mélanie lived in Nancy and had to go to work in daytime.

A combination of two nice pages I read in that newspaper
On the last day in France, I still had several hours to hang out in Paris. When I was in Montmartre, a street musician was playing Canon with a harp; I was impressed by its touching melody. When getting on the train back to Rotterdam, somehow I hummed with the melody I heard in the morning then my eyes were filled with tears: I just realized that it would be a long time for the next re-union with my friend. What a sentimental boy!

However, a Dutch newspaper swept my sentimental emotion off in a second.

When on the train back to Wageningen, I picked up a piece of Dutch newspaper and read it aloud (coz it was empty coach only with me). To be frank, my Dutch is so poor that I could just know a little of what was written in that newspaper. But I just did it. Then something magical happened: I started to smile while reading. Yes, just like a schizophrenia patient.

Not that difficult to understand what made me smile, it's just because I was going back home! I couldn't help but shouting and yelling loudly after I finally opened my home's door. Home is home, at the end of the day, good or bad, we can go home again. That's the happiest moment of a day, isn't it?Such a happy ending to my fantastic trip! It told me the good news: I've REALLY blended some orange color in my blood.

One Dutch sentence a day keeps the doctor away!
Video of the week:
What a crazy New Year's Eve in Wageningen!!!