News - September 15, 2011

Problems with re-registering

Many students received the erroneous message that they were no longer registered at Wageningen University. This could affect their student grants and public transport passes. It caused long queues at the student helpdesk.

For the first time this year, students had to register through Studielink. And the process did not go smoothly for all students. ‘I forgot to authorize the university to debit the tuition fees,' says Biology student Laura Demmers. ‘It wasn't clear at all. You first have to go through the entire registration procedure online and then go back to the home page to authorize payment. I didn't realize that, so my re-registration didn't work.'
Christine Alblas-Burton of the Student Service Centre: ‘In recent years we have had our own re-registration module, which was quite straightforward. The module on Studielink is a bit more extensive. It isn't quick and easy anymore - click, click, click and you're done. Students need to look carefully and read things better, and they don't all seem to be used to that.'
The university has relaxed the rules as a concession to students, who can pay tuition fees in instalments. The deadline for the authorization has been postponed too.