News - July 7, 2011

Prize for 'Meatless Monday'

Five students at Wageningen University won a prize for their Meatless Monday campaign. Dressed as chickens, they encouraged students to eat less meat.

Natasja, Luke, Thijs, Manpriet and Ilona got through the preliminary round for the Thought for Food Challenge with their idea for a day without meat. Students from ten international universities took part in the competition. The students had to develop ideas for safeguarding food security in the future.
Over the past five weeks the participants had to carry out different assignments sent to them via Facebook. For instance, the Wageningen students went around campus and their local area dressed up as chickens to persuade people not to eat meat on Mondays. According to the team of five, eating less meat would lead to a more sustainable planet because meat consumption has a lot of damaging effects on nature. The jury said the students had done a good job in setting out the facts about food production, the environment and the limited natural resources.
The two other winners of the Challenge were Imperial College London and University of Reading. The three winners will be setting off for Zurich at the start of September to take part in One Young World, a worldwide conference about food security.

The film clip that got the Wageningen students through the preliminary round: