News - February 2, 2015

PRI and PPO brands to go

Albert Sikkema

The Plant Sciences Group is abandoning the brand names PRI (Plant Research International) and PPO (Applied Plant Research). From now on the DLO researchers at Plant will use only the name Wageningen UR in their external communication.

This has been decided by the Plant Sciences Group (PSG). The step fi  the current branding policy, says policy director of Communications Marc Lammers. This is something the executive board will be paying attention to in the next strategic plan.

The change in branding was prompted by a study of external relations carried out by the PSG, explains Erik Toussant, the science group’s head of Communication. ‘Our external associates didn’t have much idea what the brands PRI and PPO stood for, whereas Wageningen UR was clearly a strong brand in their minds.’ The business unit managers at Plant found it difficult to work with the various brands in practice, says Toussant. From now on, DLO employees in the PSG will simply describe themselves as working for Wageningen UR. In legal texts they will still mention their official employer, the DLO foundation.