News - November 14, 2013

Possible second sports centre on campus

Linda van der Nat

A solution may be on its way for the pressure of De Bongerd Sports Centre, which is bursting at the seams. The university is currently looking into the feasibility of building a second sports facility on campus.

The new facility would be a multifunctional space. The growth in student numbers is going to mean the university will face a shortage of examination facilities in the years to come. Meanwhile, student sports clubs have grown a lot over the last few years as well. A new sports hall could solve both problems. The plans are still in the exploratory phase. Little is known yet about the costs of the project, for instance, and therefore about its financial feasibility.

Sports Foundation Thymos would welcome a second sports hall. ‘There is a big need for more space. In the last 10 years the number of people signing up for sports has gone on growing, from about 900 to 1600 this year, probably,’ says board member Arno Dekker. ‘At the moment the big sport hall is used every day up until midnight because there are so many teams wanting to play. Most of the sports clubs have a waiting list due to lack of space. It is a problem for the university too, because the Bongerd is already used to the maximum during exams.’

The student council would be delighted with a second sports hall too, says council member Jaap Löwenthal (VeSte), but gathers that it is far from certain that the hall will really materialize. ‘It is clear to all concerned that something needs to happen. But I can imagine that the price of an extra sports hall won’t be good news for everyone.’

Meanwhile the executive board is holding its cards close to its chest. ‘We didn’t know that this was being worked on,’ says spokesman Simon Vink. ‘But if the people involved come up with a clear analysis we can certainly discuss it.’

Postscript: Thymos reports that the number of people signing up for sports will probably exceed 4500. The number 1600 refers to the number of members of sport associations.