News - December 20, 2018

Poll: The best thesis cover of 2018

Roelof Kleis

It is a big anniversary for the competition for the best Wageningen PhD thesis cover of the year. The battle is on for the tenth Cover Prize. And you are the one that decides. So vote now.

© Helena Ligthert

In 2009, the science editors of Resource thought it would be fun to look at the annual pile of theses from a different angle than the usual. Focusing on the outside. This gave the impetus for the first election of the best cover. In the early years, it was an expert jury that decided who deserved the Cover Prize. After three years, assessment by jury was abandoned for the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and the election went online.

Everyone can now vote on the website. That seems democratic, although critics rightly point out the down side: does the best cover win, or the person who mobilizes the most support? The editors hope the answer is both. This year, 285 Wageningen PhD theses have been published – 10 fewer than in 2017. Once again, 10 theses were selected, 6 by women and 4 by men. The theses were selected for covers that capture something of the contents of the thesis in a surprising, original or otherwise tasteful manner. The result is a very diverse selection.

You can vote HERE (scroll down to survey) until midnight Dutch time on Sunday 6 January. The results will be announced on the website and in the first number of the new year.