News - June 22, 2006

Plans for move ready

Atlas, the new building for the Environmental Sciences Group, is almost finished. It looks as though the planned completion date – 11 October – will be met, and plans for the move are under way.

Removal fever at Alterra and the sub-department of Environmental Sciences is running high. Wouter Hiskemuller, head of facilities management at ESG, is up to his ears in the ‘patchwork’ plan that shows where the different divisions of the sub-department and the institute will end up in the new building. ‘We have managed to keep the technical completion date that we had at the start to 11 October.

The employees of the Soil Centre and the Water & Climate Centre will move to the new Atlas building. In the two other ESG buildings, Gaia and Lumen, the employees of Alterra and the university chair groups will be housed together.

Starting at the end of 2006, the university employees that are still spread throughout Wageningen (De Dreijen, Duivendaal, Nieuwlanden and De Hucht) will move to one of the three buildings on the Droevendaalsesteeg. Most of the Alterra employees will have to make an internal move as well. Hiskemuller: ‘There are very few people who will remain in the same room as now.’
A special email address has been opened for questions about the re-housing, and on Friday afternoon 30 June there is a guided tour for the future inhabitants of Atlas. / GvM