News - August 18, 2011

Party Semester 2011



Monday: Woeste Hoeve
Tuesday: Quiznight (Doctor en DaniĆ«ls) Bunker,  Woeste Hoeve, 't Gat
Wednesday: Woeste Hoeve
Thursday: Annies, 't Gat
Friday: International Club
Saturday: International Club

20 August                      Vato Gonzalez & MC Tjen  @ KSV
22 August                      Pool party @Ceres
23 August                      Hypnotist Patrick Pickart @ SSR
23 August                      Emile Ratelband @ Ceres
24 August                      Top 100, Unitas @ Junushoff

2-4 September               Rhine Town Jazz Festival
3 September                  Am I Gay?@ ShOUT
8 September                  Enrolment, Argo @ 't Gat
8 September                  Blacklight welcome party, IxESN @ KSV
9 & 10 September          Appelpop @ Waalkade in Tiel
10 September                Veluwe Race
15 September                Open party @ Ceres
18 September                Farmerchallenge @ Argo
22 September                Open party @ KSV
23 September                Wave your flag, IxESN @ 't Gat
24 September                Club Caravan @ Villa Bloem Espressobar
30 September                Losbandigheid en overwork @ 't Gat   (electro house party)


1 October                      Oktoberfest, ShOUT @ Wilde Wereld
8 October                      Food for You, for the public
8 October                      Club Caravan @ Villa Bloem Espressobar
6 October                      Popronde @ inner city of Wageningen
9 October                      Canal championships @ Argo
13 October                    Open party, Unitas @ 't Gat
21 October                    Around the World @ ISOW
22 October                    Club Caravan @ Villa Bloem Espressobar

1 e week                         Palm procession @ Markt
Date yet unknown          Fingerlickin' @ Unitas
3 November                   Open party @ Ceres
5 November                   Black light district, ShOUT @ Wilde Wereld
5 November                   Club Caravan @ Villa Bloem Espressobar
10 November                 RoomService @ student houses in Wageningen
19 November                 Club Caravan @ Villa Bloem Espressobar
24 November                 Sports night, Thymos @ Bongerd

1 December                   Open party @ KSV
3 December                   Party, ShOUT @ Wilde Wereld
3 December                   Club Caravan @ Villa Bloem Espressobar
6 December                   Contractus @ 't Gat
8 December                   sIntegrand, Integrand @ KSV
9 December                   Black Light party @ ISOW
22 December                 Open party @ Ceres
24-26 December             Xmas party @ 't Gat
31 December                 New Year's Eve party, Unitas @ Junushoff
31 December                 Fabulous New Year's Eve party @ 't Gat

Club Caravan
For two evenings each month, the cosy espresso pub Villa Bloem is transformed into the smallest, and perhaps the coolest, disco in Europe: Club Caravan. Sip on delightful Mojito cocktails and let your hair down as DJ Banchi surprises you with captivating Indian, electro and dubstep hits.
Palm procession
A carriage drawn by Belgium horses will pull into Wageningen to open the Palm beer season. You can buy a set of coupons which will entitle you to a Palm beer in ten different pubs. That would lead to a chaotic evening on and around the market square as you try to find the next pub after eight Palms!
Walk around the city and into a stranger's house, slide into a sunken sofa seat and experience unusual and intimate performances together with a small group of people in the audience. Student quarters will be transformed into small theatres. After a 30-minute show, you can move to the next home. Besides art, the insides of other people's houses also make interesting viewing.
Fingerlickin' has the reputation of being one of the most notorious parties in Wageningen. It's the party for a Breezer generation on the verge of adulthood. Written on one of its flyers: 'The hottest beats and acts you'd ever encounter in your wettest dreams'. If fire-eaters, pole dancers with painted bodies and melted chocolate were stuff from earlier events, what would this year's be like?
To celebrate its abundant harvest of fruits, Tiel has Appelpop, a gratis autumn festival attended by some 150,000 visitors each year. Big names such as Di-rect, Caro Emerlad, Jacqueline Govaert, Go Back to the Zoo... will be all over the place. We did mention that it will be free-of-charge, didn't we? And if you don't like music, there's the fruit parade on Saturday afternoon.
The Popronde is a festival which travels all over the country, featuring budding Dutch bands. You will find them on stage in various pubs in the inner city, performing many different music genres, except mainstream, free-of-charge. If you don't like a band, just drink your way into the next pub. Nice way to discover up-and-coming little bands.
Sports night
A night for action and a ball of a time. During the sports night, teams will fight to present the best student sports. The event began in 1987 as a protest against the education policy of minister Deetman, and has since become part and parcel of Wageningen.
Veluwe Race
Even if running is not your thing, you shouldn't miss the Veluwe Race. This annual relay race takes the participants along beautiful nature routes from Wageningen, via the Posbank, and back to Wageningen again. Mixed teams with 12 contestants each cover a distance of 80 kilometres. The final leg is a feast for the eyes as most of the runners come dressed up for the finish.