News - June 9, 2011

Organic supermarket

Who? Mies van Aar, BSc student, Environmental Sciences
What? Spokesperson for DWARS, a youth political party
Why? DWARS wants the organic supermarket chain EkoPlaza to set up a branch on campus.

What is DWARS?
'DWARS is the independent youth wing of Green Left, the Dutch green political party. Our office in Wageningen has been set up since February. We have a small number of active members and about twenty supporters. This is our first concrete activity.'

How is DWARS related to EkoPlaza?
'EkoPlaza is a new and innovative concept. We find that this good initiative will also appeal to the youth. The municipality plans to admit retailers into the campus. We feel that EkoPlaza is very suited to Wageningen UR and its students. Of course, it could also be another organic retailer.'

Has the executive board given you a reply?
'Yes. It says that it's still doing a survey and hasn't reached the stage of considering specific retailers. That is a rather vague reply. But there hasn't been any rejection, in any case. Our activity is a sort of test case. The ball now lies with EkoPlaza and Wageningen UR. We are following the developments.'