News - October 22, 2018

Online lecture week offers a taste of WUR courses

Luuk Zegers

Prospective students who are considering studying at Wageningen University now have a new way to discover whether WUR suits them. Besides the online open day, they now also have access to an online prospective student’s week during which they can get acquainted with various teaching methods.

Julia Winkeler provides prospective international students with an opportunity to check out various teaching methods at Wageningen University. © Debby Los

A new video will be published daily during Lecture Week (from Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October), in which master’s student Julia Winkeler (Plant Sciences) shows her viewers how diverse education at WUR can be. ‘One video is about lab work, another one shows field work, a third one is a kind of role-playing game, and more. We have both lecturers and students speaking, to offer as complete an image as possible.’ The project was initiated by Debby Los of Marketing & Digital but was entirely produced by students. Los: ‘We entered discussions with our target audience. The online prospective students were found to have a need for a kind of Prospective Students’ Day. So we came up with this project.’

A look behind the WUR scenes
For Winkeler, Lecture Week was a great opportunity to have a look behind WUR’s proverbial scenes. ‘When I was allowed to film in the labs where the fish research is carried out, I really wanted to register for the master’s programme in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management’, says Winkeler. ‘I might just have to do another master’s after my current one.’

The videos eventually became something resembling vlogs. ‘Making the videos was an interesting process. I would hit the road with my phone, sometimes with the help of other students. The more we filmed, the more fun we had. I learned a lot. Not just about creating videos, but also about the various disciplines.’

As a matter of course, the videos will remain available online after the Lecture Week.

The Online Open Day was on 18 October. During that day, prospective international students had the opportunity to discover Wageningen University in various ways, such as through a live campus report during which prospective students could see what breaks look like on campus. There were also live Q&As.

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