News - February 21, 2005


More than one hundred students occupied the entrance to the student accommodation office SSHW on Tuesday morning this week.

The students were demonstrating against the rent rise for 3,800 student rooms, which SSHW says is necessary to finance the building of new student accommodation. The protest was organised by Stichting Flat Overleg, the WSO and the International Student Panel. A number of students spent the night camping outside the accommodation office, but most arrived at 7 o’clock in the morning. One SSHW employee managed to get through the barricade on his bike, and then let colleagues in through the fire escape door at the back of the building. Vice-director of SSHW, Jan Harkema, said he was surprised by the protest. “I can imagine that the students are angry, but it is a well-thought-out plan.” According to Harkema there are not many other options for raising the money.