News - April 15, 2013

Nutella theft

Nutella is amazingly popular with bread eaters all over the world and has acquired an almost mythical status on the internet.
Perhaps this lies behind the Nutella theft of last weekend.

Five thousand kilos of the brown substance was stolen from a truck in Germany. Thieves made off with thousands of pots with a resale value of 15,000 euros. So watch out for illegal street Nutella-sellers.

Bieber fever
Norwegian schools have changed the dates of exams because Justin Bieber is giving a concert in Oslo. Five schools in Ålesund have taken this step because they expect many of their pupils would skip exams otherwise. Oslo is 550 kilometres away and the concerts are midweek. The Norwegian minister of Education supports the decision. Perhaps Minister Bussemaker would give students here a day    off on 1 May. Who is going to ask her?
Want to see a king close up? Now is your chance. The newly crowned King Willem-Alexander is coming to Wageningen. He'll be coming to the square in front of Hotel de Wereld on Thursday 30 May. And to crown it all, he is bringing Máxima with him. Exactly what the couple are coming to do no one knows. Doesn't matter. Come and see them!
Here's a bit of thoroughly confusing science for you. Apparently blood cells, the heart and the lungs all have taste and odour receptors. So say researchers at the Technical University of Munich. So your blood can smell croquet and fries. How crazy is that? And why don't we notice it at all?!