News - April 26, 2007

‘No line in international education’

It is not clear where Wageningen University is headed with its international education. This was the main conclusion at the annual Education Day, Thursday 19 April, an initiative of the student union WSO and the education institute OWI.

Teaching staff and students split up into workshops to discuss ways of improving education at Wageningen University. During the presentations afterwards it emerged that participants were most critical about international education. There is a lack of official policy and clarity about the international character of the university. The quality of lecturers’ English is one of the problems. Rector Martin Kropff, who had been present earlier in the day, indicated that this problem needed attention, although teachers cannot be expected to speak perfect English. A number of participants suggested that there should be specific programmes in which lecturers could be encouraged to exchange their experiences, for example concerning feedback they get from students. At present only a few do this. A step further is the idea of giving lecturers a ‘licence to teach’. This would be a way to guarantee the quality of teaching.