News - December 6, 2018

No ERC grants again

This year, Dutch universities were awarded 19 consolidator grants worth 2 million euros by the European Research Council (ERC). But for the second year in a row, Wageningen is not among them. WUR plans to organize courses in a bid to boost the university’s score on this front.

© Sam Rentmeester

The ERC’s consolidator grants are intended for good scientists who have been working for seven to twelve years since getting their doctorates, and want to strengthen their research group. In the past five years, four Wageningen researchers succeeded in bagging one of these grants, out of a total of 17 applications.

That puts the Wageningen percentage of successful applications twice as high as the average, says Henrieke de Ruiter of Corporate Strategy & Accounts. But Wageningen researchers submit relatively few proposals to the European Research Council. So the Executive Board has decided there should be courses for Wageningen researchers to help them write more and better research proposals for the ERC. There is a course for researchers aiming at a consolidator grant on 6 December. The advanced grant will be the subject of a course on 5 March, and both the starting and the consolidator grants will be covered on 18 April.

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