News - December 17, 2014

News Quiz - 2014 with a wink

Controversially bare body parts, incidents involving students, the arrival of Louise Fresco. Every year has its highs and lows. The Resource News Quiz reviews the past year in 20 questions. The right answers can be found elsewhere in the magazine. But have a go yourself first. Who was it again who found it so hard to go green?

Which animal did not scare us to death this year?

a)   The big bad wolf

b)   The Drosophila suzukii fly

c)   The Eurasian wigeon

d)   The bank vole


Exit in 2014. Who didn’t?

a)   Aalt Dijkhuizen, who came back as honorary professor

b)   Co Verdaas, who carried on submitting declarations at Wageningen UR

c)   Cees van Dijk, still chair of the Wageningen Council after retirement

d)   Kees Slingerland, still in place after a vote of no-confidence from his professors


The creation of a bus lane caused a lot of protest. Why?

a)   The executive board gets its own bus stop at Atlas

b)   Too many trees are being cut down

c)   No new trees are being planted elsewhere on campus to compensate

d)   More trees are being cut down than was agreed


Controversially bare in 2014!

a)   Bare feet in the Forum

b)   Naked women on the new coffee machines

c)   Bare shoulders in Orion

d)   Skinny-dipping in the Forum pond


The newly formed SSR-W sorority ISIS hung 350 bras across the Utrecht canal. Why?

a)   To promote Nick and Simon’s new single: Leve de vrouw

b)   To protest against the eponymous terrorist group in Syria and Iraq

c)   To get into the papers with a prank

d)   To draw attention to the Spieren voor Spieren charity fundraiser


The IT department had two big scares. What?

a)   Coffee was spilled on the main server twice

b)   WUR people fell for a phishing test twice

c)   After Windows XP, support is ending for Windows 7 now too

d)   Now the open office is up and running, the Wii will disappear


Jerke de Vries’s ’15 minutes of fame’. What was it about?

a)   He thanked God in the acknowledgements in his thesis

b)   He thanked Allah in the acknowledgements in his thesis

c)   He refused to thank God in his thesis

d)   He tore the acknowledgements out of some copies of his thesis


‘It’s not easy being green’…

a)   … said Louise Fresco at the opening of the academic year

b)   … said the Green Man during the Sustainabul Roadshow

c)   Sighed Tijs Breuking after criticism from Noordwest of the campus ringroad

d)   Sang Marjolein Helder (Plant-e) during her TEDx talk


Honourable second

a)   Yet again, Huub Savelkoul was not Teacher of the Year

b)   Wageningen students put together a bacterium for the iGem competition

c)   Anna Jochemsen slalomed to silver at the Paralympics in Sochi

d)   Student Demian Overduijn just missed being crowned Mister World in England


 Argo barman wounded two thieves from Ceres with…

a)   A torch

b)   A bottle of ketchup

c)   An oar

d)   A chain lock


 At his farewell Aalt Dijkhuizen received a season ticket for…

a)   Ajax

b)   Heerenveen

c)   Cambuur

d)   Feyenoord


 The carboot Chinese was banned from the campus. Why?

a)   The food caused a nasty smell in the building

b)   The food cooled off too fast in the fresh air

c)   The car took up precious parking space

d)   Carboot retail doesn’t go with the campus’s sustainable character


 The pictures on the new coffee machines in the offices were replaced within a couple of weeks. Why?

a)   The women on the photos were scantily clad

b)   The women on the photos were too distracting for researchers

c)   The photos were too stereotypical

d)   The men on the photos were voyeurs


  In the Wageningen city council elections there were a lot of student candidates. How many got elected?

a)   1

b)   2

c)   3

d)   4


 The executive board wants to scrap the free lab coat for ‘wet practicals’. Why, actually?

a)   The style is very old-fashioned

b)   The colour doesn’t fit the university’s green image

c)   School uniform is outdated

d)   Students abuse the rule.


 On Wageningen Student Plaza (Facebook), Dutch and Chinese students went at each other hammer and tongs. What was the squabble about?

a)   The Chinese students’ incomprehensible English

b)   The colour of our Piets

c)   The excessive numbers of Chinese students at our universities

d)   Where printing came from


 102, 105, 108, 111. Which number is out of place here?

a)   102

b)   105

c)   108

d)   111


 Who was not a guest on campus this year?

a)   Jane Goodall

b)   Sharon Dijksma

c)   Mark Rutte

d)   Bill Gates


 What does the O in Louise O. Fresco stand for?

a)   Ottilie

b)   Ophra

c)   Odette

d)   Olga


  ‘This feels like coming home’. Who?

a)   Chinese premier Xi Jinping visits Wageningen, where he got his PhD in 1982

b)   Minister Dijsselbloem makes a ‘sentimental journey’ to his former student house

c)   First-year Niels already feels at home in Wageningen during the AID

d)   Louise Fresco returns to her Alma Mater

1D, 2D, 3B, 4A, 5C, 6B, 7A, 8D, 9B, 10A, 11D, 12A, 13C, 14C, 15D, 16A, 17A, 18D, 19A, 20D.