News - August 30, 2012

New websites go online

Visitors automatically redirected from current websites. No decision yet on email addresses.

From Tuesday 25 September, 503 of the more than 700 Wageningen UR websites will get a new look and a new web address. All the website addresses will start with So will become
'The current website is outdated', explains Yno Papen, manager of the internet project. 'The new one makes its starting point the structure of the organization rather than that of the user. For example, at the moment, people surfing for information about bees need to know that they should look under PRI. On Google too, information will be easier to find if you work with logical subdomains, such as'
Papen mentions a second reason for changing the URL. 'It makes for better communication if the name of your URL is the same as that of your organization, in this case'
The transition from to six years ago generated a lot of work and frustration for researchers. They had to adjust their addresses themselves and noticed a dip in their accessibility. Papen: 'We are solving that with the technology. All operational website will use redirects which will be permanently active.' The suffix on the email addresses will remain for the present because automatizing access to scientific databases seems to be complicated.