News - November 4, 2009

New name for VHL to end confusion

Van Hall and Larenstein still give different degrees. Participation council has reacted positively to name change.

Van Hall Larenstein may be getting a new name. While the University of Applied Sciences presents itself to the outside world as one organization, it actually still consists of two separate teaching institutes: the 'Internationale Agrarische Hogeschool Larenstein' and the 'Van Hall Instituut'. VHL director Ellen Marks is considering registering the two institutes under the same name with the Ministry of Education.  Such a change would not have any effect on the status of the two education organisations but it would end a lot of confusion among students.
At the moment, Van Hall Larenstein graduates get different degrees depending on whether they graduate in Leeuwarden from the Van Hall or in Velp or Wageningen from Larenstein.  Students come across this difference at the start too, when they apply for a university place. Merger proposals in the past were blocked by the participation councils.
The course directors and the participation council have responded positively to the proposal put forward by Marks. The change of name also requires approval from the Wageningen UR Executive Board before it can be implemented.
If the plan goes through, the University of Applied Sciences could choose an entirely different name. Larenstein's participation council has come up with two suggestions: Van Hall Larenstein Universities of Applied Sciences or Wageningen Universities of Applied Sciences. Any more exciting suggestions? Mail them to , citing 'VHL name'.