News - September 1, 2011

My story with Resource

Finally Resource has an English version. At this gleeful moment, I want to tell my story with Resource.

My legend is on the "WALL OF FAME" in the kitchen of my corridor.
It dates back to August 31, 2010, the day when I cycled on the high way A12. Thanks to the magnanimous policeman, I could be taken out of the highway unscathed and without any fine. Two weeks afterward I told my adventure to my AID group members during our re-union dinner. They all burst into laughter. Stijn, the former columnist of Resource, was also there. He made a mini-interview with me and put that crazy anecdote on RESOURCE. I became famous overnight. Not only my classmates but even some lecturers told me they read that "news" and flabbergasted. At that time I realized the influence of Resource in this village.
One month later, I heard from Stijn that Resource was seeking an English blogger. He encouraged me to give a shot. To be honest, I didn't take it seriously because I thought my chance is too small to win. Therefore I just submitted a funny experience in the toilet at Forum. The plot of the story, however, went beyond my expectation; the editors liked my tale! They decided to hire me because of my original and be-myself style.
That's my story of how to become a blogger of Resource. I'm delighted with the advent of the English Resource, I believe it will let more people know a truth: be yourself, open your eyes, fun will come to your life.