News - June 14, 2012

My mum is a better blogger

After reading my mum's latest blog, I realized that she's a better blogger than me.

What a lovely mum! She has followed up her 'research' for almost one month.
What does she write about? Unfortunately it's in Chinese, but it's my pleasure to translate it:
'Today I suddenly wanted to see if the unopened sunflowers really face the sun, so I drove to the park directly after work regardless of the hunger. I took pictures of both the blooming and unopened sunflowers, and went home after a walk.
After dinner the clouds were getting dark, later the thunderstorm broke out. I'm glad that I've been to the park this afternoon otherwise I would have missed the chance since originally I had intended to go there after dinner.
So, if you have anything to do, do it now, otherwise the time won't wait for you.'

Within about hundred words, she depicted a complete story with a philosophical conclusion. Her writing definitely could knock my blog into a cocked hat. Her blog covers various details of life such as clothes patch-up, morning walk, or the plants she grows on the rooftop at home. Even though I study 9000 km away from home, thanks to her vivid blog, I never feel the loss of the connection with the family. Instead, it's getting tighter and closer.

What I appreciate even more is the changes in her life. Compared to my old-fashioned father, she is more willing to embrace the new things that Internet brings to our life, such as online shopping on Taobao, or instant sms via Fetion. Further, on weekends she drives to different cities to reunite with her high school friends and later she shares the stories with me via blog or email.

By accident, in her blog I've discovered most of these changes have happened since I am studying in the Netherlands. Does my dumb-luck life abroad lead to her changes? I don't dare take any credit, but I remember what I said to her two years ago: 'With lots of things, if you don't do them now, you will never have the opportunity again', which is a dictum quoted from a famous Taiwanese movie. Now she seems to identify my opinion and interpret it in her own way.

Maybe before long, she'll not only be an excellent blogger, but a life expert.

Vid of the Week: Ingrid Michaelson - 'Do It Now'