News - March 7, 2011

Movie W moving on

The future of the film house Movie W is hanging in the balance. Movie W has got to get out of LA13, which is now definitely being vacated, and no alternative is being offered by Wageningen UR.

Movie W is the biggest user of LA13 at the Duivendaal complex. The film house uses the room free of charge, but the executive board of Wageningen UR plans to withdraw that support, spokesman Simon Vink confirms. In future it will not be offering more than a one-off contribution. 'We will help Movie W look for a new location but we cannot guarantee anything.'
This news comes like a bolt from the blue for Movie W. 'A big surprise, and not a nice one', says spokesman Huib de Vriend. But he denies that Wageningen UR is pulling the plug on Movie W. 'You shouldn't look at it like that. Wageningen UR just doesn't want to make a systematic contribution any more. Movie W has got to stand on its own two feet. We are now looking at what that means for us. But it certainly doesn't mean that we will just stop at once. We are a long way from that stage at this point.'

Studium Generale
According to De Vriend, various options are now being studied for a new location and new funding. 'Including options in which Wageningen UR could still play a role. We are soon going to have talks with Wageningen UR about that.' An important issue is to find out the reasons why the executive council does not want to support Movie W any more. De Vriend: 'We do not know what the arguments are. But I do not get the impression that Wageningen UR thinks we don't play a role in the institution. They just don't want the long-term commitment.' Movie W was started 30 years ago as part of the Studium Generale. In terms of both location and content, there was always a link between the two, says De Vriend.

Clock building
The disappearance of LA13 has consequences for other users too. AIESEC, Integrand, RUW, Otherwise, the Farmers' Group, ISOW and SP3 (a student religious platform) will all be accommodated in the 'clock building' on the Generaal Foulkesweg, on the Dreijen. VeSte and PSF will move onto campus, possibly to building 116, where Resource is housed. Along with Movie W, the student chaplaincy (now still at Duivendaal) will also be looking for a new home.

The vacating of LA13 is part of the big exodus from the Duivendaal complex. It is already known that the Head Office is moving to Atlas on campus in the autumn. It is not yet known what is to be done with the buildings at Duivendaal. According to spokesman Vink, there is still no buyer. Nor is it clear whether the buildings will be rented out or sold off individually, or whether a single buyer for the entire complex is being sought.