News - May 21, 2015


Is there medicine against aging? Maybe. Researchers from CalTech (again) have discovered that you can rejuvenate stem cells from elderly mice. They do this by blocking inhibiting substances in the environment of the cell. The stem cells then work again like those of young, vital mice. The dawn of eternal life (for mice).

Are flies scared when we try to shoo them off our plates? In a way, they are, claim researchers at CalTech. The fly brain responds to threats (an approaching shadow in this case) the same way we do. Stiffening, waiting, and getting away. Conclusion: we are flies with consciousness.

If you want to change behaviour, punishments work better than rewards. This comes out of tests with students from the University of Washington. Does this herald the return of the corrective smack? Well, not exactly. The good news is: a little punishment works just as well as a big one. So a light tap is enough. Not a hard-hitting finding then.

Always wanted to be a bee? You can. A week on Saturday in the Torckpark at the bee festival Wageningen Zoemt. You’ll get the biggest buzz from the first National Bee Battle, a game for teams of eight. The aim, of course, is to collect honey. But beware: some flowers have been treated with nicotinoids and that sets you back. You can still sign up at