News - March 10, 2011

Most Christmas boxes left unopened

Only 39 percent of Wageningen Ur staff have cashed in their Christmas thank you present from Wageningen UR. There was no deadline for picking up the 'feather in your cap', as this year's gift was called.

The 'feather' sent to all staff mid-December was a voucher to choose from hundreds of options ranging from a shoe-polishing course to an evening at the cinema, a trip to a care farm or a sauna, or a donation to a charity. The choice could be made at the website
Only 39 percent of the staff have gone online and picked their present. By this time last year, when the gift was a tinteling [twinkle] rather than a pluim, the collection rate was 89 percent.
The crucial difference would seem to be that last year there was a deadline: you had until 1 March to cash in your gift. No deadline has been set for picking up your feather. It looks as though, without a deadline, staff postpone their decision, overwhelmed by the number of choices.
Those suffering from 'choice anxiety' or forgetfulness can go onto the Pluim website and opt for a series of six email reminders. Wageningen UR has nothing to gain from uncollected vouchers as they are all already  paid for.
Of the choices already made, by far the most popular present is the wine (chosen 498 times). Trailing behind in second place is a magazine subscription, with 234 takers. And in third place are Rituals bath products, chosen by 147 staff members.