News - June 4, 2015


Rob Ramaker

It was sports night again. The dream team of housemates were dressed in their onesies, a pillow dangling from their backs. Willem-Jan was the most eye-catching in his bright blue outfit, which he had ordered in Norway specially for the occasion. Giant letters marched across it from top to bottom spelling out Lazy. This spectacle was topped off by his shock of red hair.

Mortierstraat wall.jpg

His complete lack of fitness didn’t deter Willem-Jan in any way from taking part with manic enthusiasm. He kept up the pace during the volleyball, running through the hall and sweating like a pig. Considerably less enthusiasm was being shown by Bianca, who was letting ball after ball pass her by. Willem-Jan watched her, shaking his head. ‘Could you pay some attention here?’ he asked rather unsympathetically when an easy ball caught Bianca on the head. To all the housemates it was obvious why Bianca was playing so badly. Her eyes were repeatedly straying to a guy in the other half of the hall.

So that’s him, thought Willem-Jan. He couldn’t help noticing that the guy looked athletic and was running around with a lot more ease that he himself. For the rest of the match Willem- Jan had a face like thunder and he hit the balls over the net harder than was necessary.

Later that night energy was at a low ebb and people started to nod off. The housemates were plodding along to the last activity when Filippo noticed that Bianca had disappeared. ‘I’ll go and look for her,’ piped up Willem-Jan at once. Vera wanted to grab his arm to say that it was not a good idea, but he had already gone. He hurried past groups of exhausted people and went from hall to hall.

What on earth am I doing? Now he too had started to wonder. Do I have to see her kissing that guy with my own eyes? Why can’t I let this go? Eventually he found her in the large hall. Bianca’s pillow had been put to good use. She had fallen asleep on a mat, closely entwined with the athletic young man. Willem-Jan felt less sad than he had expected to. This was as clear as day. He had to move on.

‘Don’t they look sweet?’ said a voice next to him. Willem-Jan nodded and glanced sideways. A girl with freckles was smiling at him. She was wearing a bright red onesie with a knitpattern print look.

‘Nice outfit,’ grinned Willem-Jan. The girl looked at him and returned his laugh.

‘Yes, isn’t it? Bought it specially in...’

‘...Norway,’ he finished, and felt something flutter in his stomach.