News - January 12, 2012

‘More autonomy for VHL'

Van Hall Larenstein wants to remain an autonomous part of Wageningen UR. The management should be able to operate more independently of the board (CvB), the sourcing of support services should be adjusted to the institute's financial means, and in the area of education, VHL's own identity should be preserved.

VHL Leeuwarden
These are some of the conditions set by the directors and management team (MT) of VHL for a successful collaboration within Wageningen UR. The conditions have been outlined in ‘Inviting Prospect', a document expressing their vision for the future, which has been written to provide a basis for discussions with staff on 18 January in Zwolle. The memo describes what the institute aims to achieve by 2016, how its ambitions can be achieved within Wageningen UR, and which scenarios can be envisaged if the institute does cut loose from ‘Wageningen'.
Leading green college
During the planned meeting, part of the investigation currently being conducted at VHL by Ten Have Change Management, staff will be able to discuss the ‘inviting prospect' with each other and with the MT, and air their views. The results of this ‘away day' will be used in an advice to the executive board on the collaboration with Wageningen UR.
In their memo, the directors and the MT are unequivocally in favour of staying with Wageningen UR. It's time to put an end to the soured internal relations, they say. By 2016, VHL should be the leading green college in the Netherlands. The educational directors should pull together with the general directors more, but should also be given more responsibility for the implementation of educational policy. Moreover, the applied sciences university should be able to source services on the market without being obliged to purchase from Wageningen UR.