News - December 8, 2016

Monopoly on a megaboard

Vincent Koperdraat,Roelof Kleis

On the initiative of Ceres, Wageningen students set a new Monopoly record on 30 November, when they played the popular board game for over half an hour on a 30 by 30-metre board. On the athletics track at De Bongerd Sports Centre.

Photo: Guy Ackermans

Who has played Monopoly on the biggest board in the world? That is what was at stake in this attempt on a record. The existing Guinness World Record has been held by a school in California since January. To celebrate the board game’s 80th anniversary, the game was played there on a board of 744 square metres.

This inspired games manufacturer Hasbro Benelux to attempt to break the record. Hasbro challenged student societies to come up with ideas. Ceres’s proposal was selected, and the society invited other Wageningen student societies to join in.

The students’ task was simple: to play for over half an hour on the biggest Monopoly board in the world. It had to be the official version: ‘No designs or variations you’d dreamed up yourself,’ says Jack Brockbank of Guinness World Records. The ‘pieces’ walked around with an iron, a wheelbarrow and a real dog.

After half an hour, Brockbank  announced that the board used in Wageningen was 900 square metres in size: a new record.

Watch the video of the record attempt here