News - March 4, 2005

Modest collective agreement for research institutes

Last Tuesday the unions and the Wageningen UR Executive Board reached agreement on a one percent pay rise for employees, which will take effect immediately.

The unions had already agreed to a pay freeze last autumn with the government, but there are a few perks despite the sombre mood. The end-of-year bonus, that was previously dependent on department results, has now been fixed at 0.5 percent of gross salary plus 200 euros. Employees living closer than ten kilometres to their work will now also receive a contribution for home-work travel costs, and those who have to pay higher health insurance premiums as a result of the privatisation of DLO will be entitled to a phased increase in their payments. To encourage mobility of personnel, all employees will have a personal career discussion every four years. Periodic salary rises will also be made dependent on the results of performance appraisals, rather than being automatic. Older employees wishing to change to a position in a lower salary scale can do so with a pension guarantee.