News - March 10, 2011

Mini interview with Janna Barel

Janna Barel sings among the altos in the Dutch Students Chamber Choir (NSKK).

Who? Janna Barel, student of Biology in her fifth year.
What? She sings among the altos in the Dutch Students Chamber Choir (NSKK).
Why? In the past month she has sung in beautiful concert halls with the NSKK.

How was it?
'Very intensive and special. I was completely immersed in the music. It was incredibly professional and we were producing high-level music.'
What is so special about this choir?
'They are all people who have the motivation to rehearse with concentration together for ten days in a row. You have to have the discipline for that. Sitting upright all day, not chatting in between, listening attentively to the instructions, even if they are for a different section of the choir. Because everyone does that, you learn an awful lot.'
Was it one big party?
'There was a very clear rule: in bed by 12 o'clock. And if you drink beer it affects your voice the next day. Anyway, talking is worse for your voice than singing. So when I had a cold I hardly spoke for a day.'
You were afraid you wouldn't be good enough
'After the auditions I was on the reserve list, and at the start I was a bit doubtful as to whether the choir was the right place for me. But you gradually realize that everyone has their weak points. I feel quite at home there now and if I can I will take part again next year.'
And now?
'This is very inspiring. Now I am going to throw myself into graduating and my committee work. But I notice that I am having a bit of a dip. It was so intensive, learning to sing together like that, and now we have all gone our separate ways.'