News - April 16, 2015

Meanwhile in... the United States of America

In the news: Hillary Clinton announced that she will run for President in the US elections in 2016.

Comment by Blair van Pelt, recent graduate in Organic Agriculture and working in various groups such as Wortels in Onderwijs and EAT, the edible academic garden.

‘There was no element of surprise in Clinton’s candidacy, sadly. I have no personal objection to her, and I think it would be awesome if there were a woman president, but I think it’s absurd that there is only one candidate for the Democratic Party. There is already a large group that has presented themselves for the Republican Party. But it is always that way, and only a handful go forward to run for the presidency. There was a lot of hope that democrat Elizabeth Warren would also for President, but she is not going to because she can put a lot more time into the topics she is passionate about as a senator, rather than letting them get diluted by a whole campaign.

I don’t think that the feminist agenda will be at the top of Clinton’s priority list. But she has always been an outspoken woman in politics and I think that speaks for itself. However, I think she will just be a puppet like the rest of them. I don’t think that even a diehard green president could ever really, in one presidency, make the kind of changes environmentalists like me want to see, because it does not fit the corporate agenda. I’m glad she is not a republican, but there are no issues I can agree with her on. As a ‘greeny’ I don’t feel represented by anyone. I would be ashamed not to vote but it is no more than a gesture to do so. A long election campaign between the republicans, and perhaps also between democrats, will result in two presidential candidates: a republican and a democrat. In the end, those are the only two options we, Americans, have at the elections in 2016.’