News - August 28, 2014

Looking for a room

Rob Goossens

Fewer new students are registering with Idealis. The accommodation provider thinks this is due to the student loan system that becomes effective next year, but what do the first-years themselves say? Do they want a room, and if so, how are they going about finding one?

Monique Daanje (18)

Nutrition & Health

‘I have a room in a private detached house with two other students. Staying at home was not an option for me: I live in Groningen, so the daily commute would be about three and a half hours. I deliberately chose a private let; I don’t like the idea of a student corridor in a large hall of residence. That’s why I didn’t go for Idealis. I might pay a bit more now, but I do have plenty of room and a big garden that I only have to share with two other people. I’m prepared to fork out for that. The new student loan system was a reason for me to start this year rather than delay my degree. I save thousands of euros that way.’

Bart van Morrewijk (18) 


‘I’m looking hard for a room. I only decided to come here in April; that’s quite late so I’m not very high up the Idealis waiting list. That’s why I’m also trying to find something through Kamernet. I hope I’ll have some success in the next few weeks as it takes ages commuting from Pijnacker. I’m not so worried about the new student loan system. I earn money by working in my dad’s business, and my parents can help out financially if necessary. Also, the loan system will only affect me in the Master’s phase.’

Floris (18) 

Food Technology

‘No, I don’t have a room yet. I’ll start looking over the next few days. Not via Idealis, I’ll be looking in the private sector. Luckily money isn’t a problem: my parents want me to move into student digs and they’ve saved up to help me do that.  So the introduction of the student loan system hasn’t affected my choice. Anyway, I think money shouldn’t play a role in decisions of this kind, not even if you have to borrow from DUO. Ultimately your degree will help you get a good job and you’ll be able to pay back the loan.’

Noale van der Horst (17) 

International Development Studies

‘Yes, luckily I’ve got a room. I still have to sign, but in principle the deal’s done. I got it through contacts. My sister’s friend has a cousin who lives in a student house in Ede and they’ve got a place for me. It’s a lovely old building - listed too. It’s great that I found something as otherwise it would take me three hours by public transport. I did register with Idealis, but I was too late. I was ranked like 170th or something. All the talk about the student loan system did get me thinking about my student debt. I briefly considered studying in Rotterdam so that I stay on at home in Hellevoetsluis. But in the end I decided this degree programme is more interesting.’

Milo Nanlohy (18) 

International Land and Water Management

‘As an Amsterdammer, I reckon if I’m going to study in Wageningen, I want to live there too. I haven’t got a room yet because I was away during the summer and wasn’t able to go hunting. I’m registered with Idealis, but I expect to have more success through other channels, through contacts, or through the student society or perhaps through Kamernet. But Kamernet is expensive: you can register free of charge but after that it costs 20 euros to reply to offers. I’ve got a temporary anti-squat place for the introduction period with 10 other first-years. Someone brings a few extra guests back nearly every evening, so it’s a really friendly atmosphere. I’m not worried about student debt. My parents have saved up for this.’

Noortje Huysman (18) 

Forest and Nature Management

‘I’m still looking. I’ve already replied to 30 offers on Kamernet. I was invited to come along for a chat twice but unfortunately I was rejected both times. I haven’t registered with Idealis. Why not? Laziness I guess - but I may do so after all. I’m commuting for the time being. That’s doable for me from Oosterbeek and I hope my chances of finding a room will increase as I get to know more people in Wageningen through my degree course. Student debt is no reason for me not to move out into digs. My parents have saved up for this and they pay my tuition fees.’