News - June 9, 2011

Kameleon lowers LEI income

The introduction of the Kameleon project management system has proven a costly process for agricultural economics institute LEI, says employees' council secretary Paul van der Wielen of the Social Sciences Group (SSG).

Even though their order portfolio was fuller than a year ago, the average total of declarable hours per employee went down in the first quarter to 75 percent, 6 percent short of the target. The main reason for this was the large amount of red tape Kameleon brought with it, says Van Wielen. 'Staff constantly have to get approval from their heads of department before they can enter more data', he says. 'And the system gets stuck now and then.'
Laan van Staalduinen, business director at the SSG, confirms the problem. It took the LEI two months to feed all the projects into Kameleon, she explains. The system contained 'bugs', and it required a different way of working. According to Van Staalduinen, the administration has been working better again since April, but Van der Wielen says Kameleon is still not very user-friendly. The system was previously introduced at Wageningen Imares (in 2009), the Animal Sciences Group and Rikilt (2010).