News - July 12, 2011

Judge strays in Wageningen UR maze

A lot of outsiders have difficulty with the institute and department names used by Wageningen UR. The organization of the Jewish communities in the Netherlands (NIK), which brought a case against Bert Lambooij’s slaughter research, decided to play it safe: it summoned Wageningen University, DLO and Van Hall Larenstein. The judge found it quite a challenge to work out which part of Wageningen UR had compiled the reports.

'Wageningen UR states that the reports were drawn up by DLO on the instructions of the then Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality', writes the Judge. 'As such, this information cannot be inferred from the reports themselves, which state that they have been produced by Animal Sciences Group, Wageningen UR (report number 161) and Live Stock Research Wageningen UR (report number 398) respectively. However, the phrase 'part of Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek' is added in the second report. Furthermore, it cannot be inferred from the documents giving the commission for the research reports that the commission has been given to DLO.'
Following a thorough study, the court discovered that 'Wageningen UR is a partnership without legal personality between Wageningen University, DLO and Van Hall Larenstein. Wageningen Live Stock Research is the name of part of DLO that, in the context of the Wageningen UR partnership, is jointly known as Animal Sciences Group together with the Animal Sciences Department of Wageningen University and the Central Veterinary Institute of DLO. It is understandable that it was not always clear to NIK et al. who produced the reports.'
'DLO has stated incontestably that Mr Lambooij was employed by DLO. The single fact that ID-Lelystad also trades under the name of Animal Sciences Group does not entail the conclusion that the reports were produced by ID-Lelystad. In these interlocutory proceedings it is assumed that the reports have been produced by DLO - despite the confusion caused by using a mix of different names referring to non-legal entities.'
Well done, nearly full marks. Because there is still one small error: it should be Livestock Research, not Live Stock Research.