News - November 1, 2012

Jobless for longer

It is not yet alarming, but the trend is clear: Wageningen graduates are taking longer to find a job, career survey de Loopbaanmonitor 2011 tells us.

Until 2008, about 80 percent of graduates started in a job straightaway (the green line on the graph). Two years later, this proportion had dropped to 60 percent. And of the group that did not find a job immediately (yellow), about half (red) were unemployed for more than four months.
The same development can be seen among PhD graduates, although here it started a year later (2009) and their chances of finding a job were higher: 75 percent found a job in the year in which they graduated.
Salary-wise, little has changed since 2006. The average Wageningen graduate starts on a modest 2100 euros per month (gross, fulltime) but this goes up fairly rapidly, reaching around 6000 euros when they have 30 years' experience.